So this is it. I started a new blog/personal site/garbage dump at benbator.com

Blogger, it's been fantastic, but it's time we see other platforms.

I hope you will all join me there.

Thanks for reading/looking.




in LA for the start of 2010.


Official TFLN Book Page

It's official. The book page we were contractually obligated to create is up and absolutely beautiful. Eye boners available at tfl.nu/book or book.textsfromlastnight.com

Thanks to @pixelmatrix for doing the design and coding at such short notice too. Good looks all around.

Oh yeah, buy the damn thing!!



Cover Girl

Kind of amazing to see this actually happen.

When I took this picture I was shooting for CoLA Fashion Week in LA and it's Olivia's thing to bite things in pictures. Just another picture out of the 10,000 I took that weekend.

When we started TFLN and needed a shot for our first banner, so we put this one up just to pass the time until we took more. No matter how many we took, people would always ask us "who is biting the phone?"

Now I wonder why we even bothered to take any more. Fast forward to January 26, 2010 and you can see the bite anywhere books are sold, including:

Thanks again to Olivia for being our resident cultural icon.


Beating the crowd

currently the daddy of the social media cesspool and a great way to fuck up a job interview before you have it.

twitter is the new (see below) thanks to #trendingtopics

ffffound is obviously where i gather all of the pictures you see anywhere on this blog
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